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product at a farmer's market, including some parsley and garlic


I'm a creatively ambitious person, constantly coming up with projects and things to create. 

The majority of that is focused on writing and photography. This page will lead you to highlights of my work. 

Film Reel


I began contributing to MovieWeb in 2022. I write list articles and features on TV and movies. You can view them all here.

Image by Arnaud Mesureur

Choosing Eco

Sustainability and eco-friendly living are extremely important to me and my family. It's a journey I write about  on Medium and Substack

Image by Angelina Litvin

Creative Writing

In early 2022, I began writing on a new platform called Simily for my creative fiction. I hope you enjoy my work. 

sand waves on a dune

Historical Blog

I've written blogs on WordPress since 2008 on a wide range of topics. This is the new home for those archives.

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