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Michael RM Consulting


At Michael RM Consulting, I offer a unique combination of creative and technical services to help your business. 

My professional experience and nearly a decade of freelance and consulting work have taught me the skills to manage the delicate balance between creative and technical needs of clients. 

Do you need a website built but also connected to your CRM? Maybe a video that is hosted on YouTube and uses Google Marketing Platform to run display ads? A technical copyedit of a whitepaper and also some photography that matches?

My unique balance of those skills can help you and your business get it done. 

Copywriting and Copyediting

Whether you need new content for your business, or you need existing content improved, I can help. Trained in journalism, and experience with copy since 2010. 

Photography & Video

A striking photo or captivating video can tell your story in a heartbeat. I will turn your story into image.

Communications Strategy

Strategic development is as important as the content itself. Knowing what the story is, why you want to tell it, and how to tell it, are all equally essential. 

CRM Administration

Maybe you have a CRM system, maybe you've never heard the term before, but either way, CRM administration is a pivotal component to modern business strategy.  

Web Design

WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, AEM... if you need a site built, cleaned up, optimized, or reviewed, happy to help. 

Website Administration

It's a lot of work to maintain a website, especially on the backend. I can take care of updates, plugins, security, SEO, and more, so you can just work. 


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Ben, Co-owner & Operations
BluGirl Soapworks

Michael did a great job for us. He made a scary step for a small business enjoyable and exciting. He was creative and caring and focused on getting everything we needed for success while keeping our budget in mind!

Tayler, Director of Communications
Denver Auditor's Office

“Public understanding of the work we do is vitally important and the website makes this intention front and center.”

Keith, Creative Director
River Summit Group

His business sense is rounded out by his creativity, allowing him to think outside the box and find solutions to business problems that others might overlook.